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Mr Anderson. At last you choose to seek the oracle. But I thought it’s linux on yer mind. or is it that goddamn windows???

Did you just say what the hell you are punching in here??? !!! Puttar, this is just the beginning. Tighten yer seat belts.

I say this about me. It is pure. Unadulterated. Carries no influence. This section in near future will carry expressions that will require explicit content. So please, do insist on parental guidance.

I am Not the ‘gotta write’ kind of writer. But ‘whatta write’ kind. Is it confusing? Did you just say there’s no word like ‘whatta’? No it is, bcoz I could feel some sense going into it, that combination of letters has something for me. What keeps me ‘busy’? It’s chasing words, while chasing thoughts. It is inevitable. It’s that appetite, which is so so irresistible. It’s my grudge. It is just so very undeniable. Oh yes, it is sheer fucking detoxification. I enjoy it. I just go & go for it. As if got a splinter in my mind. Itching for something, irritating, hammering, banging, thumping, hopping…madly…asking the damn head to puke ideas…not simply serve them.

And then words tell me. See, the expression “And then” doesn’t refer to any case in point, it indicates their (words’) perpetual behaviour. This is what they say…they say…

Shake it, break it, fake it, bake it, smack it, whack it…eventually if you so badly need, go ahead and damn it. But word-head (but is there a word like that…I ain’t care, bcoz I felt the need to write something like that and no other word could have done it for me and I therefore did) you just make it. You please make it.

The modern word, the word there was, the old word, the word that today can’t, the word that could have been, the word that got miscarriaged, YOU just don’t blame the innocent and free word, bloody you couldn’t handle it…the word was never pre-mature but you were immature…you gotta word it, you just need that word; yeah, if that word happens, it’s all I need.

They want to talk, I need to break the ice with them. But just how do I do that? Can it be the ‘Can I’ thing or ‘Will I’ thing? Do I really know enough about words??? Do I care to understand? Yeah man, you do. And then I dived into a ponderous thought, which went like this…

I decide to meet them. And I find a smart pack of them standing outside an idea post in my head. I then walk up to them. One juvenile among them pops an inquiry and he says, “Man you look lost”, and then in another n-sec he does another “You know which way you gotta go, left or right?” And then before he could add 1 more to it I say “I…am, coming to you folks”.

“You are noisy, and YOU have been pestering me all my life. Ummm…” But I can’t do without you”….what goddamn destiny…I can’t even speak without you…can’t bloody even utter in my mouth and share it with my own self without you…”

To be continued…No to be updated…No, no…to be upgraded. coz humans only upgrade!!!



  1. lol…this is so fucking hilarious… its like a nice slap on the faces of quite a lot of people we both know 😉 bro, its about time you showed your Scorpion instincts…

    rock on!!!

    i know you always will…!!! 😀 😀 keep writing more…i cant wait…

  2. Keep puking these thoughts out, will atleast help keep your brain devoid of undigested or undigestable …!

  3. hahhaha like it–like it

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